After moving to Wisconsin from Texas, Laura began to create a sensory gym in her basement for her son who has autism. Laura thought about how fortunate she was to not only have a basement to fill with sensory equipment, but also that she had a friend who was willing to tackle this task with her. She wondered if her son would have space for a sensory gym in his own home when he became an adult. This led her to think about all of the adults with sensory issues who have, at best, limited access to sensory equipment. Her friend Brian asked a simple question, “Where does everybody else go to meet their sensory needs?”  Laura was sad to tell him, “We all just do the best we can to piece it together.”  Brian’s response was, “Then why don’t we open a place?”

Although only a handful of sensory items would fit in the basement corner, Laura’s mind quickly exploded as she thought about the potential of their idea of a sensory wonderland. As the mom of a child with autism, she never felt like she did quite enough. However, every minute she has spent helping create The Sensory Club has filled her heart with gratitude for every person with sensory needs and their parents and caregivers. Like other parents of a child with special needs, Laura has often felt isolated and alone. However, through the journey of building The Sensory Club, she has felt hope, connection, and strength.

When Laura pictures her son’s world when he is an adult, she wants to know that the struggles they faced for years have paid off and that through The Sensory Club, they have made this world better. She hopes that The Sensory Club will help him prepare for and decompress after his workday, make friends, unwind after frustrating moments with his future wife or children, and feel the way he wants to feel.

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