About The Sensory Club

The Sensory Club brand was developed by focusing on protecting and nurturing the needs of our special needs community first. Mindful of color, sound, equipment, and layout, we strive to provide an inclusive, fun, and safe retreat for our members to engage and regulate, when necessary; providing a shared environment that visitors are free to explore on their own terms without some of the overwhelming distractions that may be found elsewhere. As an all-inclusive, welcoming and accepting club, people of all ages with disabilities can come to feel their best and grow together, while satisfying their sensory needs.

The Sensory Club encourages growth and positivity through the use of our unique sensory gym and multi-sensory environments.

Sensory Gym Swings
MSE Room

Our Backstory

The Sensory Club started in Wisconsin in 2016 after Brian Hall, a friend of his, and her autistic son were looking for a place to play indoors. After being unable to find somewhere that would work or being unable to find anywhere specifically for people with special needs, Brian made an off-the-cuff comment, “Well, then maybe I should open one?”  Just like that, the concept was born to fill a much-needed niche by supporting the special needs community and providing a place for individuals, families, and friends to come and share time together. Fast forward six months later—with a commitment to servant leadership as the foundation – the first Sensory Club was opened. Within hours it was evident that it would change lives, lots of lives… including our own! To say that this has been a humbling journey for our team would be an immense understatement.

Looking back and seeing what we’ve accomplished so far proves that we’ve only touched on the surface of what we can do moving forward, all while instilling the core values of love, compassion, and respect.

Who We Serve

Mother and Son

Children from Birth to 9 Years

Although every special-needs child is different and every family is unique, the experiences available help grow confident, caring and capable kids. Our sensory gym and private multi-sensory environments allow children to be comfortable with themselves and explore their own individual sensory needs. All sensory experiences available benefit them to grow beyond the expectations of doctors and therapists.

Mother and Son 2

Pre-teens and Teens, Ages 10-18 Years

As parents transition from a leading role to a more supporting role in their child’s development, we’ve created a community for pre-teens and teens to connect and support each other. Our sensory gym and private multi-sensory environments are built with adult equipment to allow parent-supervised teens to explore their own sensory needs and enhance their individual progress.

Sensory Club Member

Adults with Special Needs

As an adult with special needs, we want to help you continue to be self-sufficient in your daily living activities. Our club’s grown-up playground and private multi-sensory environments provide a safe haven and outlet to satisfy your personal sensory needs. Our club also offers an opportunity for members to build accepting relationships with a community of friends.

grandma banner

Adults with Alzheimer’s / Dementia and their Family

Through early to late stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s, we want to help you engage in activities that support your health and better your connection with your family and environment. Through the use of controlled stimulation in our multi-sensory environments, your brain’s functional activity can increase and anxiety can decrease.

PTSD header

Individuals Experiencing Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)

Through early to late stages of trauma we provide a safe space to process incoming stimuli and help provide context to shape the perception of an experience. Our multi-sensory rooms allow for the integration of sounds, images and tactile stimulants in a controlled setting, providing an environment to assist in the balance of the internal and external world, critical for regulating emotions.

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