Memberships Available

As a member, you will have access to the whole facility and all club locations, be eligible to host private parties, and invited to club-sponsored events throughout the year. We welcome people of all ages with disabilities!
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Single Membership



Double Membership



Family Membership



Group Membership

Community Organization

Organizations / Schools / Therapists

Organizations may purchase multiple single memberships, for non-related participants, at a discounted rate.  Participants may change each visit.  Limitations apply.  Please contact your local club to customize a group membership!

Subsidized memberships may be available through county or state funding.
Please inquire with your local club regarding eligibility.

Parents, Guardians, or Therapists Are Always Free With Any Paid Membership or Pass!

Day Passes Available

Single Pass


(Day Pass)

Family Pass


(Day Pass)

Event Pass

Field Trip, Party or Event

Organizations / Schools / Hosted Events

(2 Hours)

Organizations may purchase multiple (2 hour) passes at once for non-related participants.  Participants may change each visit.  Limitations apply.  Please contact your local club to customize a club pass bundle!

Membership Fees and Renewals

  • There is no enrollment fee to become a member.
  • Parents, guardians, or therapists are always FREE with any paid membership!
  • Double and family memberships cover individuals within the same household only.
  • Community organization membership packages require a minimum of three (3) single memberships.
  • Memberships will renew on the 1st of each month unless canceled before the 15th of the month. If canceled, the membership will continue until the last day of that month.

Military Discount

We are so grateful for each and every member of our armed forces. Military families receive 25% off our regular membership prices. Thank you for serving!

All of Our New Members Go Through Orientation

We want to get to know you better so that we can serve your needs. All of our members will go through an introductory orientation that includes a facility tour and membership expectations. The new member orientation is meant to support your success at The Sensory Club.

Forms & Waivers

Go to your local club’s page and get the forms you need:

  • Form for Members: Member/Pass Holder Agreement & Waiver
  • Form for Guests: Guest Agreement & Waiver
  • Form for Group Members: Group Member/Pass Holder Agreement & Waiver
  • Form for Groups: Group Attendance Sheet

If you’re not sure how to use forms on the computer, we have a guide for you. The guide is also available on the local club’s page. To get started, click the buttons below to visit your local club:

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